The policy is federal under § 101.14 – Health claims: general requirements.

Smart Policy Design / Rubric Page total: ONE, single space and use the format that is on this rubric. Identify, Diagnose, Design,

Test, Refine. Bib Page 1-2 pages
Identify Policy clearly identify the policy by number in the Legislative books. Is your policy a Federal, State or Local law? 3-4 sentences.
Diagnose: Describe the underlying causes of why the policy needs change. Provide a brief historical review of the policy. How did the issue come about or how has the policy issue evolved over time? This should be brief and to the point. Reference appropriately and include your bibliography as a separate page 30
Design: Explain your solution and feasibility of policy change. What words or sections of the law or legislation do you plan on changing? Be very specific.
Test: How will you test your new policy; how would you implement your new policy; who will pay for this policy (customers, or taxes etc)
Refine: How do you propose to do continuous monitoring of the policy? Who will monitor? Will it be governmental? Cost factors to consider: who will pay for this policy change?

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The policy is federal under § 101.14 – Health claims: general requirements.
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Do not go over one page limit on the policy description. You must learn to be brief.

Single space with a 12 Calibri Font.

Use AMA to reference cite.

Bibliography: 1 page.

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