NSG-6430 Practicum II: Family Health – Women’s Health CP-01

For this assignment, you will use case study based on the course objectives and weekly content.
This week, complete the Aquifer case titled Family Medicine 12: 16-year-old female with vaginal bleeding and UCG.
After completing your Aquifer Case Study, answer the following questions using the latest evidenced-based guidelines:
• Discuss the questions that would be important to include when interviewing a patient with this issue.
• Describe the clinical findings that may be present in a patient with this issue.
• Are there any diagnostic studies that should be ordered on this patient? Why?
• List the primary diagnosis and three differential diagnoses for this patient. Explain your reasoning for each.
• Discuss your management plan for this patient, including pharmacologic therapies, tests, patient education, referrals, and follow-ups.

Use scholarly references and they should not be older than 5 years.
Posts and references should be in APA format.

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NSG-6430 Practicum II: Family Health – Women’s Health CP-01
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