Learning Journal 6

Cohen et al., ch 9, 10, 11, 12

Upload your 2-page learning journal here.  This is meant to be reflective writing, where you draw connections from the readings and discussions to your work and life.  If you do not feel a connection to the topic, reflect on why that may be.

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Learning Journal 6
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Grading is based on:

  1. if it is on topic for the week reading assignments,
  2. how you relate to the course material,
  3. your depth of thoughts, and
  4. the quality of your writing.
  5. make sure to quote the author (s) properly.
  6. cite you ideas – they came from the readings- then give me your opinion.
  7. Remember to write your references/ bibliography at the end of your paper.
  8. Do not write the same ideas on the class discussion post Programs, Offerings and Functions as well.

*Be critical  + *Be analytical  + *Be specific =  A+ 

The official deadline for submission is by the end of the course but I encourage you to submit your learning journal before you move on to the next set of readings, while the material is fresh in your mind.


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