Jewish Religion

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The State of Israel struggles to maintain two distinct set of values simultaneously: it strives on the one hand to be a democracy, respecting the will and dignity of all its inhabitants, and at the same time, it strives to be a Jewish state, true to the values and culture of the Jewish people. Both goals are lofty, yet often clash with each other. Among Jewish Israelis, for example, secular Jews bristle at the restrictions placed on society by religious sensibilities at the expense of democratic opinion. Among all inhabitants of the country, Israel maintains a distinct set of disabilities for non-citizen Palestinians residing in the regions of Yehudah and Shomron (also known as the West Bank) and Gaza. Lifting these anti-democratic distinctions would certainly dilute the Jewish character of the state. What is Israel to do with this conundrum?

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Jewish Religion
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They put you in charge: what should Israel and the Palestinians do to achieve peace?

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