Group therapy

Consider the following questions as you draft Sessions 1 and 2 for your new psychotherapeutic group focusing on Stage 2, the Initial Stage As a group leader, how would you lead the initial stage of your group?

  • Identify ways in which you might facilitate trust in your group. How would you know that trust has been established among your group members?
  • Identify one role you have as group leader during this phase of group development. How would you approach and implement this role?
  • Draft a tool for your group members to complete at the beginning and at the end of your group to evaluate the effectiveness of the group experience. You must develop this tool yourself. Note that you will have to create two tools for the final manual; the second will be submitted with Assignment 12.1: Final Stage. Include a description of the tool and how you will present it in one of the sessions in this paper, with the tool itself as an appendix.

Write a double-spaced paper with a minimum of three references (two of which are scholarly), in APA format. In this and the subsequent papers, each session should be described separately.

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Group therapy
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