Franks case study

Reading: On Point II, Combat Studies Institute Press, (5 Pages).

In this case study, GEN Franks (CENTCOM Commander) addresses PH IV (Stability Operations) of the campaign plan and uses his operational art and command experience to describe his vision of how this phase will be accomplished. GEN Franks stated that “Phase IV would be relatively short,” obviously he made this assumption based on the speed in which the forces accomplished PH III.

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Franks case study
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After reading this case study answer the following questions:

What is your opinion of GEN Frank’s statement?
Did this line of thinking add to the difficulty of planning for Stability Operations?
How did this unexpected transition affect personnel requirements for the newly designated CJTF-7?
What would you have done to help assist your commander during this transition to Phase IV?
Assignment Instructions: The paper will be in APA format, a title page, a reference page, and 2 to 3 pages of content (does not include the cover and reference pages). You will use Times New Roman, 12-font, and double-spaced. Do not try to cover everything. Focus on the factors you consider most important in analyzing your historical event. You will use a minimum of five resources for your paper.

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