Exploration 8- Your representative in congress


Suppose the Massachusetts State Government cannot afford to fund its entire budget because a downturn in the economy has reduced the amount of taxes it takes in. It needs to either cut its spending or raise money in some other way. In order to do this the Legislature–made up of elected Representatives from around Massachusetts– decides to triple tuition at Community Colleges and completely eliminate student financial aid. In making this decision, the Representatives argue that Community College does not cost much and the vast majority of students can afford the tuition hike and the financial aid cuts. Students at Community Colleges from around the state are outraged and form a group that aims to reverse these decisions. Suppose you are one of the leaders of this group. What types of things could your group do to try to persuade the Legislature to change its mind? Answer in approximately two pages. Be sure to include in your answer how the policies and practices of the federal government affect the ability of the state government to deal with this problem. NOTE: A number of years ago it was reported that the Stoneham Zoo was going to be shut down because of lack of funds. One of the zookeepers thought of bringing a lion to the State House to impress the legislators. In your answer, you can be similarly creative, but limit your answers to nonviolent tactics.

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Exploration 8- Your representative in congress
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