Argumentative Research Paper

Weighted 25%, the argumentative research paper covers a topic that is open to debate and provides evidence and reasons to support one’s claim (thesis). Not only does it help demonstrate the student’s ability to effectively write, but it also depicts the appropriate use of the MLA format as well as knowledge, comprehension, and critical thinking. The research paper must be a minimum of 5 pages in length and must be written in third-person perspective; please make sure that it includes the appropriate documentation—whether the information is summarized, paraphrased, or directly quoted. Use credible sources—no wikis or blogs. Also, note that the ‘five pages’ is not inclusive of the annotated Works Cited page. For the Research Paper Commandments, check the MLA/Purdue Tab in Blackboard. Works Cited must be annotated with one short summative paragraph (about 3 sentences). This means that you will be explaining what the source entails—an overview.

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Argumentative Research Paper
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