International Human Resource Management

Q1. Kristin Deen, a Canadian senior marketing executive in the Montreal office of a Canadian MNE agreed to relocate to a country of your choice (for example Qatar) for a two-year assignment. Kristin is single and has no dependents and felt that this would be a career enhancing opportunity. Consider Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and prepare a pre-departure plan outlining the key issues for Kristin in order to make a successful transition to her new posting. Your answer must clearly identify the country Josephine is being relocated to (for example Qatar) and include a discussion of factors relevant to selection, training, adjustment and completion of expatriate assignments

Q2. Choose a major multinational manufacturer with research and production facilities in your choice of both a developed and a developing country. This multinational company heavily relies on knowledge to sustain its competitive advantage and to combat emerging technologies. Explain the approach to total compensation that should be used and discuss why it should be used. Support your answer with a discussion of industry type, business level strategy, HR functional level strategy, and HR staffing approach. Explain at least two major approaches to compensation that you would consider. Your answer must identify the name of the MNE and the names of the developed and developing countries you have chosen to use in your discussion

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Q3. More than ever, international human resources management (IHRM) professionals need the knowledge and skills to design IHRM policies and practices that not only meet legal and ethical requirements but also are effective in supporting a firm’s organizational strategy. If you were asked in a job interview to briefly explain how strategic IHRM is a competitive advantage what would be your reply?

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