Case study on Industrial control systems

Industrial control systems

abstract: Industrial control, in its broadest sense, encompasses all the methods used to control the performance of an electrical system. When applied to machinery, it involves the starting, acceleration, reversal, deceleration, and stopping of a motor and its load.

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Case study on Industrial control systems
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a) Show and explain the basic components of industrial control systems.

b) Draw and explain the wiring diagram (power and control) for i) start stop of three phase induction motor, ii) reversal of rotation for three phase induction motor, iii) star-delta of three phase induction motors

c) Show the wiring diagram of a typical industrial process, and explain the function of each part.

d) Compare between the traditional industrial control and advanced systems.

Required. a. Abstract
b. introduction
c. Research body
d. Results &discussions
e. Conclusion
f. References
g. Appendix (if any)

Number of pages will be from 10 to 15 and i will provide an industrial company to consider.

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