Writing a journal about yoga

Spend 2-3 hours of time outside of class exploring aspects of yoga on your own…it could relate to any of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. This could include watching a film, reading some articles or a book, listening to a podcast, taking another yoga class, practicing meditation or breathing techniques, etc.

Your journal reflection should spend about ⅓ of the space relating to these different experiences from external sources – it could be personal reflections or more academic. You don’t have to divide your journal reflection into 2 parts, you can mix the external sources into your reflection however you prefer.

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Writing a journal about yoga
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I am asking you to think critically about what you are discovering on the mat in class and to connect it to other aspects of yoga beyond the physical practice (asana).

Uses these three pages as a starting point on your yoga journey to dive into specific points of interest and to support your reflection process. Choose your own adventure for background information and begin practicing on your own in the morning with a meditation and/or physical practice. If you have questions or would like additional sources of information, please reach out.

The goal is for you to begin to cultivate a daily discipline of reflection practice as you explore different aspects of yoga so that you can discover what works for your mind, body, and connection between the two.

Week 2 Prompts

Choose one or many of the prompts that spark your interest as a starting point for your own research, and then expand out in other directions. You do not need to answer all of them.

What are you discovering about your use of breath?

Are there certain breath patterns that you prefer?

What mantras have been resonating with you?

How have you approached the aspects that you find challenging?

What have you discovered about the origins of yoga that you may not have known before?

What has been surprising or intriguing to you?

What have you noticed changing in your body?

What were the intentions of the cultivators of yoga? How did they pass on their knowledge to future generations? How do you think knowledge is passed along now?

What yogic words of wisdom have been lingering in your mind?

How did yoga come to America? To other places?

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