Investigating Specific Crimes


*Your essay needs to start with the essay title at the top of the page
*Not third person

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Investigating Specific Crimes
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*When using APA Writing Style format, you must use paragraph topic titles and sub-topic titles
(bolded) as required

Need to include a proper header on all papers to fulfill APA format requirements.

*****Papers need to have a full summarizing conclusion. Make sure to encompass all the main topics and not
just the last portion of the paper.*****

****Make sure your essay is in APA format, has a minimum of 3 references and 3 in text citations and has been submitted
into Turn It In as well as Rio Learn.******

Lesson Objectives
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

Describe the basic investigative steps involved in a variety of criminal investigations.
Describe the steps involved in criminal case preparation.

Lesson 5 Essay Assignment-Investigating Specific Crimes

Using the concepts discussed in this lesson, explain the investigate techniques and approach you would take to address the following crimes.
Take into consideration the initial response, crime scene, witness management, evidence collection, and interview/interrogation. You may use recent current events as an example.

Explosion at a concert
Mass Shooting at a Church
Domestic Violence involving Arson

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