How Risk Management can Improve Project Success

1. Title – a brief and precise phrase stating the main focus of your Capstone Project topic of interest (up to 100 characters & spaces).

2. Table of Contents – listing of all relevant sections, chapters, tables, figures, references, and other major divisions within your manuscript indicating both order and page number location.

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How Risk Management can Improve Project Success
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3. Abstract – a clear summary of the work you have done, indicating your purpose, theoretical background of the concept or issue for consideration, and experimental approach (about 10 to 20 typed lines).

4. Historical Background – in a paragraph describe your predecessors’ deeds in the field you are conducting your research in and importance in the field of project management. Your different sources must be cited and referenced using APA format.

5. Objective – in a paragraph explain your Capstone Project topic’s value, naming concrete purposes as to what you plan to achieve in presenting this paper. In other words, why are you researching this topic, your research approach, and what do you want to accomplish through your work?

6. Technical Approach – in a paragraph describe the actual work you are planning to accomplish and concrete ways on how you plan to accomplish this through your presentation. This section could be accomplished by listing your proposed chapter titles you have planned for your Capstone Project topic paper and in a few sentences discuss each chapter’s purpose.

7. Conclusions – a few sentences summarizing your Capstone Project topic, plus, any findings and/or inferences you have discovered during the course of your research.

8. Bibliography – a references list where you name all sources you have cited and researched in the development of our Capstone Project topic paper. The references list should be in APA (6th edition) format.

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