Case Study for Assignment #1

Using the PIA template provided, complete a Privacy Impact Assessment on the research casefile provided. The PIA is to include comments and recommendations.

using the PIA template provided, complete a privacy impact assessment on the proposed client database, as defined below in the case study

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Case Study for Assignment #1
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a video recording on how to complete the PIA template will be posted in the course Brightspace page on May 28th

Case Study for Assignment #1

Your client operates a local gym, ‘Work the Workout’, and has asked you to develop a database to track their members. As well as containing the membership information, they want the database to track workout sessions and class attendance (yoga and cardio classes). Some of the members are teenagers signed up for a summer fitness program.

A] The intent of the database is to track:

– name and contact information of members

– financial fee payments

– health information, if necessary

– attendance/enrollment use

B] Programs

There are four program options, with the option to create reports with aggregated enrollment stats:

– basic gym membership (no classes)

– cardio classes

– yoga classes

– youth summer fitness program

B] Assumptions:

– parental consent is required for participants under 15 years of age

– youth must be between the ages of 12-16 years at the time the program starts

– there is a minimum enrollment of 20 youth in the program

C] Work the Workout Personnel

– Owner – Isaac Malcom Buff

– Gym Manager – Mary Gottit

– Yoga Instructor – Ann Breeth

– Cardio Instructor – Jack Jumper

– Youth Program Coordinator – Danny Goodman

– there are also three trainee instructors


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