Product Marketing Plan

For Week 4, You will turn in your final Product Marketing Plan. This is graded as your final plan.
The Product Marketing Plan allows you to select a single product and make an adapted version of that product or create your own product and write a plan explaining how you will market it. For an example of a company’s detailed marketing plan, you can refer to pp. 61-65 in your textbook. However, you will not be required to include all of the textbook sections in this class. Your plan will be guided by the example provided in Blackboard (MHS Marketing, an actual real example as well as a student example). In Week 2, you will turn in a paragraph of your selected topic. You will be allowed to later update your paragraph as needed.
Your plan must include the following sections:
Executive Summary
Market Situation/Objectives
Market Trends/Strategy
Value Proposition
Buying Processes
Key Message
Needed Promotional Tools
Your paper will need to be 7-8 pages and explain your product as well as the other 4 P’s: promotion, place and price. You will also include SWOT/TOWS and mission statement. You will have feedback from your Week 3 draft in order to complete your Week 4 final plan. Original work is expected. Grammar and spelling will be graded. Note that you do earn points for the draft, so be sure to submit your best work.

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