Primary source presentation

You are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will address a key question
related to the assigned readings and incorporate at least two primary sources into the
analysis. One of the primary sources for this assignment I am providing and the additional primary source can be found through other internet scholarly databases. Thus, this assignment requires some research.
The objective of this exercise is twofold. First, preparing a presentation allows students to
explore their creativity and showcase their understanding of the course material. The second
reason for these presentations is to facilitate a discussion among students about the themes
and topics that arise from the readings, and from students’ examination of other
It is generally a good idea to begin a presentation with an outline, not only to help the presenter
organize her or his ideas, but also to assist others to follow the presentation.

You can use drawing or pictures but do cite them.

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Primary source presentation
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you should be creative with these online PowerPoint presentations through
the use of illustrations, maps, tables, and charts, for example, but remember to ensure that
these items are appropriate for the course material and time frame. Remember, as well, that all
sources used for the presentation must be properly cited in a bibliography according to
Chicago Manual of Style format, and that the presentation text must be in your own words.
Avoid quotations unless you find a short passage (one sentence or less) that is crucial to
support your arguments.
Any paraphrased or quoted material must be properly cited with a footnote or endnote,
according to Chicago Manual of Style format. Either include the note on the respective
PowerPoint slide or have all the endnotes in a separate slide at the end of the presentation,
followed by a bibliography of all sources used in the PowerPoint presentation. Any information
that is not commonly known must be properly referenced; again, Chicago Manual of Style

Make 18-19 slides, I am providing one source with it and you have to find any 1 good primary source whichever you like to use. the theme of the source is church courts the source I am attaching.

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