For each of the following questions, provide a short, one paragraph answer.

Limit this assignment to 1 page in total. Assignments in excess of 1 page (excluding references) will lose points.

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The required text and lecture notes should be your primary source of information for answering these questions.

You may use valid online sources for answering these questions, however, if the information from these alternate sources conflicts with course material, points will be lost. Course material is the final authoritative source.

Additionally, each individual answer must be specifically referenced, USING APA-7 FORMAT, so that the source of the information may be reviewed. APA-7 format is only for referencing and citations and not for structure. For in text citations the format must be as if quotations are used, with specific pages listed. The questions are.
1. How does acute inflammation protect against infection? Be specific and provide details.

2.Explain the difference between natural and artificial immunity, and give examples of each.

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