International business

Write a 4 – 6 page essay with the following specifications.1. Typed – Double spaced2. Font Size – 11 or 123. Margins – 1 inch (top, bottom, right and left)
Content: Pick a multinational enterprise (or any firm conducting international business) and discuss various aspects of its global business. Here are some tips for writing your paper: Discuss the products/services it sells, the operations in different foreign markets, the scale of operation in these markets, the modes of entry in different foreign markets, the challenges it faces in these markets, the success or failure (if any) in different markets etc. Use the theoretical framework discussed in class to analyze the international business that you’ve chosen. You can also choose any one of the firms that were discussed in class through various articles.
Other Requirements:
Title of the paper and Your Name (Top corner of the first page)
References (These should be on the last page of the assignment)

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International business
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