Firm Comparison

Using the site , choose six firms: two each from three different industries. Gather the following information for each stock: 1) beta for each of these firms; and 2) the total return for the previous year for each firm. Also find the return on the S&P Index for the same time period.

Given the information you have obtained, discuss the differences you observe. How do the betas and returns compare? What are the similarities and differences you observe within industries? What are the similarities and differences you observe between industries? How would you explain your results in term of the following concepts:

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Firm Comparison
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1-Total Risk
2-Systematic Risk
3-Idiosyncratic Risk

Guidance on common questions in regards to this assignment.

1.Where exactly can I find the beta, stock return and S&P return for each company looked at? Use, input the company stock symbol into the search field. On the Statistics tab (fifth tab from the left), in the second column: Trading Information (you may have to scroll down), under Stock Price History, you will find the first three items listed are: beta, stock’s one year return (52-Week change) and one year S&P return (S&P500 52-week change).

2.Are the six companies to be from the same industry or sector? You need to select two companies from three different industries. As a reminder, please discuss each industry’s stocks in separate paragraphs, comparing the stocks to each other and to the S&P500 return, as well as noting observed similarities and differences within the industry. In a final paragraph, discuss the similarities and differences observed between industries and explain your results in terms of: total risk, systematic risk and idiosyncratic risk.

3.The S&P500 52-Week Change is the same for all of my companies. Is this right? The S&P500 52-Week change is NOT industry nor company specific, therefore you will use the SAME change figure throughout your entire analysis.

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