What is the product? Fully describe it. You can use pictures and graphics in addition to your written description Who is the target market? Explain to me who you think the target market is. On what criteria is this market segmented? What demographic factors affected the choice of this target? What is the price strategy? Promotion strategy? Distribution strategy? How is the product packaged? Why?


OPTION A – Please choose a name brand consumer product (good or service) and answer the following questions.

  1. What is the product? Fully describe it. You can use pictures and graphics in addition to your written description
  2. Who is the target market? Explain to me who you think the target market is.
  3. On what criteria is this market segmented?
  4. What demographic factors affected the choice of this target?
  5. What is the price strategy? Promotion strategy? Distribution strategy?
  6. How is the product packaged? Why?
  7. Who is the direct competition? Indirect competition? Which firms would be appropriate benchmarks for this firm? What competitive advantage does this product have?
  8. How are environmental factors affecting the marketing of this product? Consider social, demographic, legal, political, economic, technological, and competitive factors.
  9. Is the purchase of this product affected by psychological or social needs? Situational factors?
  10. Is the marketer attempting market penetration? Market development? Product development? Diversification?
  11. Does this company appear to have a total quality management orientation? What is its reputation on overall quality when compared to the competition?
  12. Is this firm known for being responsive to customers? Brainstorm a list of adjectives that describe this firm and its products. How does this list fit with the concept of valu

Mechanics Please write this project as a paper, using complete sentences and paragraph structure. You will be graded on grammar. Please use sub-headers to separate questions (**). The length of the paper should be 5 pages – PLUS a title page, PLUS a reference page. The 5 pages DOES NOT include pictures and graphics. Please use the normal 1 inch margin setting and either 11 or 12 point font and default Word line spacing of 1.15

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What is the product? Fully describe it. You can use pictures and graphics in addition to your written description Who is the target market? Explain to me who you think the target market is. On what criteria is this market segmented? What demographic factors affected the choice of this target? What is the price strategy? Promotion strategy? Distribution strategy? How is the product packaged? Why?
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Marketing Analysis of Apple iPhone 12

In this paper, we will analyze the marketing strategies and factors affecting the Apple iPhone 12, a name brand consumer product. The iPhone 12 is a smartphone developed by Apple Inc. and was released in October 2020. This paper will delve into various aspects of the product, including its description, target market, segmentation criteria, pricing, promotion and distribution strategies, packaging, competition, environmental factors, psychological and social influences, market penetration, total quality management orientation, and customer responsiveness.

Product Description

The Apple iPhone 12 is a high-end smartphone that combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design. It features a sleek and durable glass and aluminum body, with a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display. The device is powered by Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, providing exceptional performance and efficiency. The iPhone 12 supports 5G connectivity and boasts an advanced dual-camera system, offering stunning photography and videography capabilities. Additionally, it incorporates Face ID technology for secure facial recognition and operates on the iOS platform, providing seamless integration with other Apple devices and services.

Target Market

The target market for the Apple iPhone 12 primarily consists of tech-savvy individuals who value advanced features, performance, and design in their smartphones. These consumers tend to be early adopters of technology and are willing to invest in premium products that align with their lifestyle and preferences. Furthermore, the target market includes individuals who heavily rely on their smartphones for various tasks such as communication, productivity, entertainment, and social media engagement.

Market Segmentation Criteria

The market for the iPhone 12 is segmented based on several criteria, including demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors. Demographically, the target market is typically comprised of affluent individuals aged 18-45, residing in urban areas with higher disposable incomes. Psychographically, the segmentation focuses on individuals who are technology enthusiasts, trendsetters, and those who prioritize status and prestige. Behaviorally, the market segments comprise heavy smartphone users, frequent upgraders, and those seeking a seamless ecosystem integration with other Apple products.

Factors Affecting Target Choice

Demographic factors significantly influenced the choice of the target market for the iPhone 12. Apple aims to cater to individuals with higher purchasing power who are more likely to invest in premium smartphones. Moreover, the target market’s preference for advanced technology, design aesthetics, and seamless ecosystem integration aligns with Apple’s brand image and value proposition.

Price, Promotion, and Distribution Strategies

Apple adopts a premium pricing strategy for the iPhone 12, positioning it as a high-end device that offers superior features and performance. The premium pricing helps maintain exclusivity and reinforces the brand’s perception of quality and innovation (Doiphode, n.d.). The promotion strategy involves a mix of advertising, public relations, and personal selling. Apple invests heavily in advertising campaigns to highlight the device’s features and benefits. Distribution channels primarily consist of Apple retail stores, online sales through the official website, and authorized resellers to ensure wider availability and accessibility.

Product Packaging

The Apple iPhone 12 is elegantly packaged in a minimalist and environmentally-friendly manner. The box design is sleek and compact, featuring an image of the device and the Apple logo. The packaging is designed to protect the product during transit while conveying a sense of premium quality and sophistication (Apple, n.d.). Apple’s emphasis on sustainability is reflected in the use of recyclable materials and a reduced package size, contributing to its eco-friendly brand image.

Competition and Competitive Advantage

The direct competition for the iPhone 12 includes flagship smartphones from other leading brands such as Samsung Galaxy S21 and Google Pixel 6. Indirect competition arises from lower-priced smartphones with comparable features. Apple’s competitive advantage lies in its strong brand reputation, ecosystem integration, and the ability to deliver a seamless user experience across its products and services. Additionally, the iPhone’s emphasis on privacy and security further sets it apart from its competitors.

Environmental Factors

Various environmental factors affect the marketing of the iPhone 12. Social factors include the increasing reliance on smartphones for communication, entertainment, and productivity, driving demand for advanced features. Technological factors, such as the adoption of 5G connectivity and advancements in camera technology, influence consumer expectations and preferences. Economic factors, including disposable income and consumer spending power, impact affordability and willingness to invest in premium smartphones. Legal and political factors, such as regulations on data privacy and antitrust policies, may affect Apple’s marketing strategies.

Psychological and Social Influences

The purchase of the iPhone 12 is influenced by psychological needs, such as the desire for status, self-expression, and a sense of belonging to a particular social group. Additionally, social influences play a role, as individuals often seek smartphones that align with current trends and the preferences of their social circles. Situational factors, such as personal needs, urgency, and budget considerations, may also influence the purchase decision.

Market Penetration, Development, and Diversification

Apple aims to penetrate the market further with the iPhone 12 by attracting new customers while retaining existing ones. The company achieves this through continuous product enhancements, marketing campaigns, and ecosystem integration. Market development occurs through expanding into new geographic markets and reaching untapped customer segments. Apple emphasizes product development by introducing new features, technologies, and design improvements. Diversification is evident through Apple’s expansion into related areas such as wearables, services, and digital content.

Total Quality Management Orientation and Customer Responsiveness

Apple has a strong reputation for total quality management, consistently delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations. The company prioritizes design, performance, and user experience, resulting in high customer satisfaction and loyalty (S. Gupta, 2023). Apple is known for being responsive to its customers, regularly releasing software updates, providing customer support, and addressing issues promptly. Adjectives that describe Apple and its products include innovative, premium, user-centric, reliable, and trendsetting, aligning with the concept of value.


The Apple iPhone 12 is a flagship smartphone that targets a tech-savvy audience seeking advanced features, performance, and a seamless ecosystem integration. Apple adopts a premium pricing strategy and utilizes various marketing strategies to promote and distribute the product effectively. Environmental factors, psychological and social needs, and situational factors influence the purchase decision. Apple aims to penetrate, develop, and diversify its market while maintaining a reputation for total quality management and customer responsiveness, reinforcing its brand’s value and desirability in the competitive smartphone industry.


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Doiphode, A. (n.d.). Apple’s Unique Pricing Strategy to differentiate their products. www.linkedin.com. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/apples-unique-pricing-strategy-differentiate-products-aditya-doiphode 

Gupta, S. (2023). Apple SWOT 2023 | SWOT Analysis of Apple. Business Strategy Hub. https://bstrategyhub.com/swot-analysis-of-apple-apple-swot/ 



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