This assignment requires you to research a job field that you already work in or that you may wish to enter someday to show how someone can use it as a platform for promoting something God values in the world. See the United States Department of Labor’s “Occupational Outlook Index” for an extensive list of jobs you may wish to consider profiling for this project.


1. Choose an appropriate topic.

This assignment requires you to research a job field that you already work in or that you may wish to enter someday to show how someone can use it as a platform for promoting something God values in the world. See the United States Department of Labor’s “Occupational Outlook Index” for an extensive list of jobs you may wish to consider profiling for this project.

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This assignment requires you to research a job field that you already work in or that you may wish to enter someday to show how someone can use it as a platform for promoting something God values in the world. See the United States Department of Labor’s “Occupational Outlook Index” for an extensive list of jobs you may wish to consider profiling for this project.
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Speech Goals: Because this is an informative speech—a speech in which you merely report information from credible sources without expressing your personal opinion—your goal in this presentation is simply to use information from appropriately credited expert sources in 2 ways:

(1) To describe this occupation to your audience; and,

(2) To show through documented examples or expert quotations how people can use this occupation as a platform for advancing something that God values according to Scripture.

Among the many occupation-related points you could communicate to your audience in this informative speech are the nature of the work, the training or credentials required, employment-related trends, future outlook there, pay scale, etc.

Other Topic Selection Criteria: Your topic must satisfy not only the preceding criteria, but also the topic selection criteria set forth in the course reading materials and the Liberty University Online Honor Code. In addition, your topic must comply with the following:

Choose a Topic You Can Address Ethically: Avoid any topic that leads you to portray legally or ethically questionable texts or behaviors in a favorable light. This includes but is not limited to theses that advance sexually promiscuous activity, the use of illegal substances, or other behaviors that Liberty University’s statement of values prohibits. Questions about the appropriateness of topics, sources, etc. should be directed to your instructor early in the speech-planning process.

Choose a Topic You Can Address Originally: Your speech topics MUST be researched, selected, and delivered primarily for this course and not primarily for, or in conjunction with, a presentation for a church group, a Sunday School class, a social group, or any other small group. You may not give a speech that serves a double purpose.

Choose a Topic You Can Address as Required by the Instructions: You must choose a topic that enables you to construct the speech in a way that satisfies the specific requirements of the Speeches Grading Rubric, which lists the criteria that your instructor will use when grading your presentation.

2.Form a thesis statement and research the topic.

Please note the following:

Process Overview: To do this, you should do the following:

(1)Form a preliminary thesis—a single-sentence statement that succinctly proposes a a main point about the profiled job field and its potential as a platform for promoting something that God values according to Scripture. Because this functions as your working thesis, you should assume for now that this will be the main point of the speech.

(2)Research credible sources for thesis-related information about your topic.

(3)Finalize your thesis, modifying it if necessary to match what your research disclosed.

(4)Express this finalized thesis as a complete thought in a single-sentence thesis statement.

(5)Choose the information from your research that most powerfully delivers the type of information that this thesis statement requires.

(6)Present this information in a logically sequenced outline of properly documented main points, sub-points, and perhaps even sub-sub-points, using the Informative Speech Outline Template document as your formatting guide.

(7)Your outline in its final form will serve as the blueprint that you mentally must follow while extemporaneously delivering the speech to your audience.

Source-Related Requirements: For your informative speech, you are required to use 3 expert sources. You must use and clearly cite examples, illustrations, statistics, quotations from experts, etc. from at least 3 expert sources in this project. An expert source is a person, group of persons, or organization with documentable expertise in the area it addresses. Information from such sources typically derives from personal interviews with credentialed experts or from documentable print and/or electronic publications.

The Bible as an Expert Source: While you may of course use the Bible as a source when related to your topic, it must be in addition to the 3 required sources.

Non-Expert Sources: Never use information from anonymous or questionable sources such as Wikipedia or any printed source authored by someone whose credentials for addressing the topic are not clearly established.

Liberty University Database Source Options: It behooves you to consult the Liberty University Library’s research portal for access to many useful, credible databases.

3.Organize your information in the form of a conventional speech outline.

After you have finished your topic-related research and found what you believe to be enough credible information to support your original thesis statement or a modified version of the thesis, begin the process of organizing it in the form of a speech outline.

Be sure to satisfy the following guidelines:

Create a Draft Outline and then a Final Outline: The speech outline process involves 2 submissions. If you post the optional draft outline, your instructor will provide constructive feedback to it that can help you create a stronger final outline. Submit each outline via its designated Blackboard submission link during the module/week when it is due.

Use the Provided Outline Template to Build Your Outline: Download the MS-Word formatted Informative Speech Outline Template document. Retain its format, but be sure to overwrite its non-boldfaced content with content of your own that is appropriate for that element in a speech that aims to support your thesis about your topic.

Use Topical Pattern to Order Your Content: For the informative speech outline and speech, you must use Topical organizational pattern for addressing your topic. See your course materials for more about this pattern.

Include All Essential Outline Sections: These include the following:

The introduction must be listed in this order: your attention-getter, credibility statement, thesis statement, and preview statement.

The body must include 2–5 main points, each with supportive subpoints, and perhaps even sub-subpoints. These will consist mainly of documented examples, illustrations, statistics, quotations from experts, etc. that you have derived from the 3 or more expert sources that this project requires.

The conclusion must include a summary statement, a call to action, and a concluding element that refocuses the audience’s attention on the thesis.

The Works Cited (MLA), Reference page (APA), or Bibliography (Turabian) must properly credit your sources and must do so in the format prescribed by the respective format used.

Document Your Sources Properly: Do so both in the outline itself and on an end-of-document source citation page.

Use In-Text and End-Page Citations: Whether you directly quote, summarize, or paraphrase information from another source, always explicitly acknowledge the source from which you derived the information.

Always Offset Direct Quotes with Quotation Marks! Place directly quoted words inside double-quotation marks to make it clear that you are not claiming to be the originator of the quotation’s wording. Failure to use double-quotation marks to offset directly quoted material constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism a serious academic offense that can result in automatic failure of the assignment or automatic failure of the course (see the Liberty University Honor Code for more information about this).

Avoid Plagiarism! Always explicitly attribute information to the source from which you derived it. This requires you to use parenthetical citations or footnotes in the outline itself to show which information derives from which expert source. This also requires you to list the same sources on a Works Cited (MLA), Reference (APA), or Bibliography page (Turabian) in the format prescribed by the style manual that you choose for this project.

Use Direct Quotes Sparingly: If you include directly quoted material from another source in your outline, it must account for no more than 20-percent of the outline’s content.


 The Impact of Nursing as a Platform for Promoting Compassion and Care, Aligned with Christian Values

Thesis Statement

 Nursing is a profession that provides a platform for individuals to promote compassion and care, reflecting values cherished by God, as exemplified through Scripture.


– Attention-getter: Share a personal anecdote or a compelling statistic related to nursing.

– Credibility statement: Mention any personal experience or connection with the nursing profession.

– Thesis statement: Emphasize the role of nursing as a platform for promoting compassion and care aligned with Christian values.

– Preview statement: Provide an overview of the main points to be discussed in the speech.


Nature of the nursing profession

Definition and scope of nursing.

Roles and responsibilities of nurses.

Importance of empathy and compassion in nursing care.

Training and credentials required

Academic pathways and educational requirements.

Licensing and certification processes.

Continuing education and professional development.

III. Employment-related trends and future outlook

Demand for nurses in healthcare settings.

Specializations and career opportunities within nursing.

Projected growth and job prospects in the field.

Promoting values aligned with Christian principles

Biblical principles of compassion, love, and servanthood.

Examples of how nurses can demonstrate these values in practice.

Impact of compassionate care on patients and their families.

Pay scale and rewards in nursing

Average salary ranges for different nursing roles.

Non-monetary rewards and fulfillment in nursing.

Opportunities for personal and professional growth.


– Summary statement: Recap the main points discussed in the speech.

– Call to action: Encourage the audience to appreciate and support nurses in their roles.

– Concluding element: Emphasize the importance of promoting compassion and care, aligning with Christian values in all professions.


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