Principles of ManagerialAccounting

Principles of ManagerialAccounting

ACC 112

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Principles of ManagerialAccounting
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Spring, 2020

Kenneth J. Horowitz

Writing Assignment #2

Read the linked article from Financial Management: “Anti-corruption efforts slipping across the globe”including the Corruption Perception Index link within the article. Write a reaction paper that includes the following:

1.Summarize the main points of the article. Be brief and to the point.Give some thought to this; do not just re-write the article. Two or three paragraphs should suffice. If you must use more do it, but try to remember that in business writing, as in many other communications, if you don’t get the attention of your audience quickly, all is lost.

2.Give your reaction and recommendations to the issues set forth in the article. This is your opinion. Use whatever documentation you need to support your arguments, both from the article and from your own experiences. Don’t be shy and don’t try to be “politically correct.” I want to know what you think. For purposes of this assignment, the way you express your opinion is more important than the position you take. Try to do this part using no more words than you did in the summary.

3.In light of our global economy and the staggering number of trading countries with a poor track record on anti-corruption practices (see the map under the Corruption Perception Index link), how will you conduct yourself in the business environment while constantly maintaining high ethical standards and avoid any situations that involve corruption?

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