the role of the Supreme Court in addressing racial bias since the beginning of the Drug War

Discussion Questions

  1. What has been the role of the Supreme Court in addressing racial bias since the beginning of the Drug War?

The Supreme Court has been at the center of trying to eliminate the racial bias that has been witnessed in the war against the drugs. The elimination of the bias has been pegged on the application of the fourth amendment which prevents unreasonable searches by the police.  From the statistics, it is evident that blacks are more arrested than whites. The probability of blacks being searched is very high compared to a white (Hustwit, 2019). Other minority races are also more arrested than the dominant whites. The courts have therefore been at the forefront in trying to use the fourth amendment aspects to protect the minority.

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the role of the Supreme Court in addressing racial bias since the beginning of the Drug War
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  1. Compare the “Old Jim Crow” system to the “New Jim Crow” system. What similarities? What differences? Purposes? Methods?

On the similarities, both the old and the new Jim Crow systems still practice legalized discrimination. In a majority of instances, still many young African-Americans still suffer systemic discrimination largely arising from the selective application of law in aspects like drug charges. Secondly, many African-Americans are still unable to participate fully as members of the jury. In most instances the jury is made up of only whites.

On the differences, racial discrimination from the political class is not same. In the new Jim Crow system, the political class avoids racial statements because it is not socially acceptable. The current social constructs have labelled racial slurs as unacceptable hence in the new Jim Crow it is avoided. In the Old Jim Crow, racial slurs or statements against for example blacks was rampant because it was socially not seen as a mistake.

  1. What do we feel is a reasonable response to those in possession of drugs currently defined as illegal? To those currently selling drugs that are currently defined as illegal?

The reasonable response to those in possession of illegal drugs is that they will face harsh penalties in courts if found. The majority of people in jails across the USA are largely facing drug-related jail convictions. Having illegal drugs is a very risky affair because the courts have over the years provided harsh rulings if found guilty. To those selling illegal drugs, they must desist. The current laws related to drug possession have over the years proved to be very stringent to culprits and selling the drugs might attract a harsher penalty. Therefore, they must stop selling the drugs so that they are not jailed for many years.


Hustwit, W. P. (2019). Integration now: Alexander v. Holmes and the end of Jim Crow education.

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