[Case Analysis] HR Management

Subject of the paper: Management

Requirement: Please answer the following case study on the assignment section of Blackboard using the attached Guidelines for Case Study Analysis. The heading should contain your name, the words “Case Study, test #3” and the date. The completed case study must be submitted on or before the day of your test. You may only choose 1 of the 4 case studies to answer:

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[Case Analysis] HR Management
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  • Textbook, pp. 232-233 “HR in Small Business”
  • Textbook pp. 263-264 “Taking Responsibility”
  • Textbook pp. 328-329 “Managing Talent”
  • Textbook p. 361 “HR in Small Business”

Format: . Your paper should be written in APA format. Please follow the attached request file to understand what your work is. On the other hand, use the attached textbook to determine which case you will use.

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