Poor communication in Ahli bank

Please include everything and every part as on table of contents “example report 1”. (attached)

The requested research paper is more thorough report of “poor communication in Ahli Bank” part 1. I have attached the finished report of part 1 which is 3000 words.

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Poor communication in Ahli bank
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The currently requested paper is a total of 10,000 words (excluding table of contents page, references page and appendices page) broken down into the following:

Main report: 8,000 words
reflective report : 2,000 words

Both should be combined into one report.

I have attached the following:
-Both Main & reflective reports briefs. Please read them carefully
-Two assignment examples (check example 1 which is poor communication problem in a bank)
-assignments structures
-part 1 finished report
-my instructor feedback on part 1 assignment

Note that the following are the main things to note from instructor feedback:
-A closer alignment with the requirements of the Brief needed
-Identify ‘tools’ to undertake the analysis describe briefly and justify usage.
-When you are writing Part 2 the Literature Review ensure that you critically analyze the ‘tools’ (models/theories/frameworks) as well as the literature.
-Do not just list advantages/disadvantages.

Note you are free to use same tools, models and frameworks used in the example or any other tools you see fit.

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